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Miss Briana.

Back. My job is a real job insofar that I have actual projects and responsibility. I am "point of contact" person in some situations. I spend all day on the phone. I have meetings. I consult. I screen. I hire. I train. I discipline. Blah. Blah. Blah.

It's a lie I tell myself because it's not a real job. I won't have a real job until I get the job I went to school for. But this one really looks like a real job and I don't hate it do it could be a LOT worse. Like having no job at all.

But still, no brags and that's lame. It is so teasing to have a fake real job because it only seems like a real job until you tell people *in Apatheus voice* Actually, I'm a journalist. We laugh and laugh.

At least I get dressed for this job, which is a step. I am 24 and I need to look nice not just on the weekends. This means dresses, boots, belts, etc on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and so on.

And at least I am still writing and am writing for a real magazine that costs money (even though I am writing for the website and still not getting paid). My resume is sexy but so was I for the longest time before I found a real boyfriend. Parallels.


And the kids call me Miss Briana even though I beg them to stop.
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