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Was intrigued to read the latest issue of Interview while waiting for a haircut. Zack Effron, whom I can't help but covet, was on the cover doused in mud and looking spectacular. However, the real drool-worthy pics were inside and not of him, but of now 26-year-old Keiran Culkin who has gotten so unbelievably hot all of a sudden. Well not quite suddenly. I have never seen Igby Goes Down but apparently he was hot in that movie back in 2002 and now I must see it.

I'll tell you where Igby can go down. Daymn.

Scored the second interview for a real writing internship. They are telling me they've been interviewing a lot of candidates and that it is most likely a temp position, but they are courting me so hard and putting me through such rigorous interviews that I am hoping they are just rattling my cage about it being temp and my chances of actually getting it. They tend to do that to see if you are dedicated enough.

I'm stoked. It's in Sunnyvale and it's basically product review and fashion blogging. I've been doing so much music journalism that I am in need for such frivolity. I'll continue to do music reviews on the side since it's good exposure. But as far as regular gigs go, this internship would be so fucking awesome...despite its terrible pay. I would be taking about a five dollar pay cut from the summer job I have lined up. Fuck. Hell of a time to move in with Mark as well. Although, he wants me to take any opportunities I can get and will help me out financially. Love him.

Mark and I are about the see I Love You, Man. We both wanted to see Aliens V. Monsters but heard the 3D wasn't spectacular like Coraline. Fff.

I was going to say other things? Right? It's just been so long since I've updated myself on myself. Been to working playing adult and talking to old friends about how weird it is that we're all adults. I wonder when the shock begins to wear off.
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