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Never been so busy yet so poor.

Week Two at Curve Magazine started today. More fact checking. Excruciating. I know I chugged through years and years of school to get to one specific goal and I should treat a four-month, unpaid internship the same. However, it seems way harder, which I can't figure out. I worked and had four classes every semester for six years. I was either in a classroom or at a job six, even seven days a week. Why is working less than 40 hours a week bogging me down? It might have something to do with the fact that I only make money for less than 20 of those hours. And going to work while knowing the whole time you are not earning, it blows. It's also the fact that I still feel like a kid and people are looking on me to do very adult jobs. I got tossed three writing assignments today. One of them LARGE. And it was done so with the ease of reciting a grocery list. "Hey Briana, could you do this, this, this and this due then, then, then and then? K Thanks." It almost cracked me up before it made me want to cry and cry and cry. Ok it's not that much work but I feel like I am just two minutes shy of losing my shit. Semiconstantly. But it's ok. I am in week 2 of 16. 14 more to go and then I have a slightly better shot of getting a real fucking job. I hope. Fuck. Me.
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