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UGH Weddings

I regret not keeping up this thing because the last few entries I had were bleak as fuck what with my career and/or identity crisis. Acclimating into both and girlfriend and a college grad at the same time, I think, was perhaps a lot to deal with. Yet you would think I would be freaking out more now: 25 and about to be married.

My two best friends are getting married tomorrow. Five more of my friends will be married this year. I've had enough time to gawk at this but it is still one of those milestones you just can't believe you have finally reached.

Speaking of milestones, I made my first dollar from writing last week. I told myself a few years ago that as soon as this happened, I would find my seventh grade English teacher and thank her for being one of the biggest cogs in my inspiration machine: friends, family and mentors that have driven me. And while I REALLY haven't "made it" yet, I can now officially call myself a freelance writer by profession and oh my fuck does that feel good. And it's all because of Mark. I want to scream my gratitude at Mark every second of the day because he not only chose a field that makes money, he wants to use that money to support me. Without that, this would not be happening. Mark is my hero and I'll spend the rest of our lives thanking him.

Psh. This is why people don't blog when their happy. Garbage.
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