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Ravenology, or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Wednesday

The chronology of Lunchbox

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We are many things. I am a girl. Maybe not first and foremost, but it is there. Now, first and foremost I think I can tell you that I am just a rock junkie (see bands in interests). Rock music is my religion and only love, geekily. Second, I am a professional but you can't tell by looking at me. I'm just good at what I do. Third, I am a former Nihlist and former Discordian but always practicing Atheist. Forth, this is where I can finally say I am a woman. Dossile and gentle as I choose to be but otherwise ignoring the standards of what a woman is. Trying to abolish it all and not simply redefine the terms. I live life like...fuck...like a character. Solid and valueable and noticed if gone yet no longer carring if anyone watches. but we all have our roles, dont we?

I dont care if you like me.